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6.4 Law of Sines/Cosines

6.4 Law of Sines/Cosines

Author: Madi Shipley

There are 3 notes videos---watch them all to learn how to use the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines! These formulas are on your FORMULA SHEET, so have that out and ready for reference!

Following, there are two videos that correspond to the first two questions on the homework. These questions represent the ways we will ask you to use the Law of Sines/Cosines in PCH. THESE ARE WHAT YOU MUST MASTER!

A PDF of the homework is last. This is the same as the HW tab on your onenote. The videos help you get started, but if you end up with any free time, feel free to continue working through this homework.

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Notes Part 1: Intro to Law of Sines

Notes Part 2: Law of Cosines for SAS

Notes Part 3: Law of Cosines for SSS

Law of Sines in PCH Example (THIS IS NUMBER 1 ON YOUR HOMEWORK!)

Law of Cosines in PCH Example (THIS IS NUMBER 2 ON YOUR HOMEWORK)


This homework covers the law of sines/cosines content from today, BUT ALSO serves as a review for content from this unit.