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6.8AStatesof Energy

6.8AStatesof Energy

Author: Whitney Isbell

6.8A Student Expectation: At the end of this lesson the student will use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast potential and kinetic energy.

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Student Expectation Packet

  1. Open your student expectation packet to the third six weeks.
  2. Find the student expectation 6.8A
  3. Highlight the verb
  4. In a different color highlight what you are expected to learn


6.8A Compare and contrast potential and kinetic energy

6.8A Reference Text

The reference text is for you to refer to for a written explanation of the student expectation.


Source: based on information in

WSQ Form

Watch, Summary, Question form. Open this form before you watch the video. Be sure to answer all questions on the WSQ form. You may rewind and pause at any point in the video.

6.8A States of Matter

6.8A Video lesson discussing states of energy

6.8A Venn Diagram

In your science journal:

  1. go to the next blank page and title the page 6.8A States of Energy
  2. Draw a Venn Diagram
  3. In one circle describe potential energy
  4. in the other circle describe kinetic energy
  5. in the middle section where the two circles overlap describe what potential and kinetic energy have in common
  6. At the bottom of the page draw two hills.
  7. Place a drawing of a roller coaster at the top of the first hill
  8. Label the percentage of potential and kinetic energy of the car at the top of the first hill, half way to the bottom, at the bottom, half way to the top of the second hill, and at the top of the second hill

6.8A Quick Check


Username: lunch number

Password: falcons

Find your class period

  1. Look at the vocabulary
  2. Look at the interactive game
  3. Take the Progress Monitoring Quiz (be sure to put your name so I will know it is you)