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6.8C Speed

6.8C Speed

Author: Whitney Isbell

6.8C At the end of this lesson students will be able to calculate average speed using distance and time measurements.

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Student Expectation Packet

Open your Student Expectation to the Third Six Weeks

Find the Student Expectation 6.8C: Calculate the average speed using distance and time measurements

Highlight the verb and the context clues that will help you in understanding the student expectation.

6.8C: Calculate the average speed using distance and time measurements


6.8C Reference Text


Source: based on information from

6.8C WSQ

Watch, Summary and Question

6.8C Video Lesson


6.8C Review

Go to Stemscopes and log in

username: lunch number

password: falcons


1. Picture Vocabulary

2. Vocabulary Review Game

3. Interactive Review Game

4. Progress Monitoring Assessment