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6.8D Graphing Motion

6.8D Graphing Motion

Author: Whitney Isbell

6.8D The student is expected to measure and graph changes in motion.

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Student Expectation Packet

Open your Student Expectation to the Third Six Weeks

Find the Student Expectation 6.8D: Measure and Graph Changes in Motion

Highlight the verb and the context clues that will help you in understanding the student expectation.

6.8D: Measure and Graph changes in motion

6.8D Measure and Graph Motion


Source: based on CPO Science

6.8D Graph Motion slideshow

6.8D Graphing Changes in Motion

6.8D Graph Motion WSQ

Watch the powerpoint presentation and complete the WSQ form.

Science Journal

In your science journal title the next blank page, Measure and Graph Changes in Motion.

Go to the card sort station and match the graphs with the motion.

Once you have completed the card sort check your answers

Copy the graphs and label the graphs with the correct motion in your journal.

Be sure to label the x and y axis correctly.

6.8D Measure and Graph Changes in Motion Lab