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7 Continents: A Love Story

7 Continents: A Love Story

Author: Carla Vigil

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to use a map, globe, or a mental map to recall the 7 continents and at least one fact about each.

This is a brief lesson reviewing the names and a few interesting facts about each continent.  This lesson is designed to be used in 2nd-4th grades as needed for introduction of the continents or a review which will assist students in remembering the names of each.  This lesson uses the "hook" of a funny anecdote to help students remember the 7 continents.  It also includes a brief review of the 4 hemispheres as well.  In addition, this lesson includes a Word file to be completed for accountability for the student as well as a link to a song which will further differentiate the lesson and assist students in remembering the names of the continents. 

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The Seven Continents: A Love Story

This is the video lesson including PowerPoint presentation that students view.

7 Continents Love Story

7 Continents Handout

This is designed to give students accountability for their flipped lesson, which should be viewed on their own time.


The Continents Song

This serves as another "hook" for students to assist in remembering the continents.