7 Properties of Life. (Mrs. Nerg)

7 Properties of Life. (Mrs. Nerg)


Know the 7 properties of life

A very 'moving' slideshow. Best viewed after downloading

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Introduction to Psychology

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A very 'moving' slideshow. best watched after downloading.

Source: Nicolaas Strating

Movement II, Arthrology: the skeletal system.

Introduction to Arthrology, explaining the different types of joints.

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Explaining breathing and cellular respiration

Source: worldofteaching, slideshare


Explaining the different human sensory organs plus a few specialised animal senses

Source: worldofteaching, slideshare

Nutrition & Excretion

Explaning the different Nutrients needed and our need to get rid of waste.

Source: worldofteaching, slideshare

Reproduction and Growth & Development

Slideshow explaining the benefits and advantages of sexual ans asexual reproduction, showing different strategies to find a partner and growth and development of different organisms.

Source: Nicolaas Strating