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(7.1.a) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning (July 7, 2015)

(7.1.a) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning (July 7, 2015)

Author: Cynthia Tucker
  • student will represent and use numbers in a variety of equivalent forms.
  • student will be expected to compare and order integers and positive rational numbers.
  • students will add and subtract integers using the number line/tiles

In this section, we will review how to set up the number line and how to add and subtract using the number line in various forms.

First, you will watch the videos to familiarize yourself with the number line/tiles and how to use them to add and subtract integers. (The second video is for your parents in case you need additional help at home).

Second, you will answer some questions so that you can review and think about what you have learned. You will also be asked to come up with your own questions to bring to class for further clarification and discussion.

Third, you will practice a few problems on your own. It is okay if you get stuck on a problem. Try your best and get some help from parent if possible. This would be a good time to write down where you are having difficulty and bring it to class the following day (this may include a small quiz). When it asks to show your work, you will need to use paper and pencil and work out the problems to turn in the next day. Once you are finished with the writing portion, you must submit your answers online. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THE WRITTEN PORTION TO CLASS. IT IS PART OF YOUR GRADE.

Lastly, there is a class blog that you can use to interact with classmates if you have questions about the material assigned. I will be watching the sessions. Everyone MUST exercise professionalism, respect towards one another's thoughts and responses. Foul language will not be tolerated.You must stay on topic or else you will be asked to leave the session. Any misuse of session time will not be tolerated in which time you will be told to leave and will receive possible disciplinary action.You can find the link under Tucker Math.

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Adding and subtracting integers on a number line

If you are having trouble, this video can be shown to your parents (if they need it in Spanish) so they can then help you with your questions at home.

Source: Matematicas Ejercisios Resueltos

Using tiles to add and subtract integers

Adding and Subtracting Integers on Number Line and Using Tiles Reflections

Reflections and possible discussion topics for adding and subtracting integers using number lines and tiles.

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