7.2 Scientific Notation

7.2 Scientific Notation

Author: Danny Whittaker

To learn the concepts of Scientific Notation:

  1. Converting numbers between Standard and Scientific Notation
  2. Multiplying Numbers in Scientific Notation
  3. Dividing Numbers in Scientific Notation
  4. Powers of Numbers in Scientific Notation
  5. Using Scientific Notation to calculate large and small numbers

Scientific Notation is used to work with numbers that are very large or very small.

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Here are a list of different topics that you need to look into.  Some of these links go directly to tutorials that I've viewed and like.  Others are to a list of videos that others have created.

Scientific Notation

Multiplying with Scientific Notation or Multiplying with Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation with Powers


Searches, pick one from the list, hopefully you get a good one

Applications of Scientific Notation

Hopefully by 2014 I will have updated this with my own videos.

In the Questions section at the end leave links for different tutorials that you use and find good or bad to help others find good lessons and to help me know what types of things I need to cover.


I will add a quiz later as well.