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7GOLD Welcome

7GOLD Welcome

Author: katie smith

The objective of the following tutorial is to prepare for the new school year.  You will find the information you will need in order to be ready to learn this year.  

Begin by watching the slide show presentation and listening to the information I have provided.  You can look at the slides again after viewing the presentation by scrolling down on the tutorial screen.  Finally, complete the survey to provide me with an introduction to you as a learner.  This information will help me to tailor, whenever possible, my instruction to your learning style and interests.  

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This is the information you will need in order to have a successful year in 7th grade ELA with Mrs. Smith.

Source: Presentation created by Mrs. Smith using PowerPoint

First Day Slides - 7 GOLD - Mrs. Smith

These are the slides that go with the presentation you just viewed. Feel free to print them out for reference later in the year.

Source: PowerPoint presentation prepared by Mrs. Smith

First Day of School Survey

Your answers to the following questions will help me tailor my lessons to your particular learning style and needs whenever possible. Please be thoughtful and honest in your responses.

Source: Created by Mrs. Smith using Google Forms