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8.6B Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

8.6B Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

Author: Whitney Isbell
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8.6B Student Expectation Packet

Student Expectation Packet

Open your Student Expectation to the Third Six Weeks

Find the Student Expectation 8.6B: Differentiate between speed, velocity and acceleration.


  • Highlight the verb and the context clues that will help you in understanding the student expectation.

8.6B: Differentiate between speed, velocity and acceleration


8.6B Reference Text


Foldable: Journal

1. Create a trifold foldable

2. Label the three outside flaps: Speed   Velocity    Acceleration

3. From the reference text write notes on the inside flaps

4. Give an example of speed   velocity    acceleration in each flap (you may draw a labeled picture)

5. Glue the foldable in your science journal