8th Grade Math Module 2 Review

8th Grade Math Module 2 Review

Author: Todd Parks
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Interior Angle Theorem





Module 2 Review - Pre-Test

This document is used to prove that you are prepared to take the actual Module 2 assessment. You will not be given the actual assessment until you prove that you are able to understand and complete the questions below.

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Module 2 Review - Everything Angles

This is a review of using our straight angle theorem, as well as understanding vertical angles, alternate interior angles, and alternate exterior angles.

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Mid Module 2 Review is Below

Below this point is our entire MID MODULE REVIEW for Module 2.  

Above is the latest material and reviews that we have had in order to prepare for the module 2 TEST.  

Please be sure to review ALL material in preparation for the upcoming assessment.

Review #2 - Mirroring the Exam

The following review mirrors the upcoming mid module assessment.
Be sure to ask ANY and ALL questions that you may have after working on this review.

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Module 2 Mid Module Test Review

Use the following powerpoint in order to STUDY for the upcoming assessment.
Video answers are below.
Check your answer and see if you did it the same way Mr. Parks' would.

Reflection over the y-axis

Multiplying Scientific Notated Numbers

Dividing Similar Bases with Exponents

Subtracting Scientific Notated Numbers

Multiplying Scientific Notated Numbers

Other ways to show negative exponents