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(9/10) 1-3 Measuring Angles

(9/10) 1-3 Measuring Angles


Find the measures of angles using the Angle Addition Postulate and Angle Bisectors.

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1. Watch the Lesson Video and take Notes:

Copy my notes into your Math Notebook. Put the Date at the top Right Corner. Your notes should look just like mine when you're finished. Pause and rewind the video, when necessary.

2. Complete the WSQ (Watch, Summarize, Question) Form:

Please answer the questions with complete sentences. Avoid writing "nothing" or "everything", when it asks you about the parts of the lesson you understood or are still confused about. Don't forget to hit SUBMIT!

Notes 1-3 Outline:

You DO NOT need to print out the Notes Outline, it is optional. You are only required to copy the notes, from the Video Lesson, into your Math Notebook. If you choose to print and complete the Notes Outline, make sure you glue it into your Math Notebook afterwards.


Assignment 1-3:

We will complete Assignment 1-3 tomorrow in class. You DO NOT need to print and complete the assignment unless you are ABSENT from class.