9/10/14 Mixtures and Solutions Part 3

9/10/14 Mixtures and Solutions Part 3

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SJ Pages 37-38- Mixtures and Solutions Part 3


In this lesson you will:

Take Cornell Notes from Chem4Kids on Solutions I & II. ( Use SJ Pages 37-38)
Watch the "Crash Course Chemistry -Solutions" 
Complete WSQ Form

Cornell Notes- Solutions Part 1 & 2

Follow the link below :

Then read thought Solutions Part 1 and 2 (@ Chem4Kids) and take Cornell Notes on the material covered.
Use the States of Matter side tabs to go between Solutions I and Solutions II
Underline and Highlight each vocabulary term in your notes.

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Crash Course Chemistry- Solutions

Add important information and problems worked out on the video to your notes.

WSQ 9/10/14