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A Beginner's Guide to Copyright

A Beginner's Guide to Copyright

Author: Heather Lister
  • Students will gain a basic understanding of the origin of Copyright Laws in the United States.
  • Students will be able to provide examples of works that can and cannot be protected by Copyright Law.
  • Students will gain an understanding of the Public Domain.

This tutorial is designed to provide students with a brief overview of Copyright Laws in the United States. This tutorial can be used for a variety of grade levels as a spring-board for further discussion on copyright, plagiarism, and creative rights. 

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Meet April

This story is about a girl named April who takes photographs and the actions she takes when she learns that someone else used her photographs without permission.


Source: @Hempfield School District

Copyright: Forever Less One Day

Step 1: Watch this video to gain the basics of Copyright Law in the United States.

How to Copy RIGHT Quiz PDF version

A short, true/false quiz on the basics of copyright.


Source: @Hempfield School District