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A Day in the Life of Bilbo Baggins: The Hobbit and Characterization

A Day in the Life of Bilbo Baggins: The Hobbit and Characterization

Author: Zachary Hagen

We will be exploring how Bilbo develops over the book and how this makes him a dynamic character.

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Why the Hafling?

This is why Gandalf, another character, justifies (in the movie) thinking Bilbo is important.

Why do you think Bilbo is Important? Post to this Padlet!

Where do we start?

In the beginning of the book, Bilbo doesn't even want the dwarves in his house. Name some things that changed Bilbo and helped him become a better person on the class message board.

There and Back again

Do a character sketch of Bilbo at the end of the book. Convey who he became because of his journey.

Why the Hafling?

Why do you think this character is important to literature?