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A Guide to the MCMLS Online Catalog

A Guide to the MCMLS Online Catalog

Author: Megan Robertson

The public will learn how to access the Montgomery County Memorial Library System's online catalog and discover how to properly conduct a search.

Steps to Accessing the Online Catalog:

  1. Navigate to the library home page by typing into your browser's address bar.
  2. On the left hand side, hover over the third button from the list. It is titled "Catalog". Then select the first option from the drop list. It will also be labeled "Catalog".
  3. If you need additional help with the catalog,there is an FAQ page available if you select the second option from the drop down list.
  4. The catalog home page defaults to the Title Search page. However, you may choose to search by author, subject, numerically, a combination, or go to previous searches (if you are logged in) by selecting these options at the top of the page.
  5. There are several options to choose from when searching for a title. Most choose to use the default which will give back all formats of the title as well as other titles before and after it alphabetically.
  6. If you want to search for books specifically in your branch, you must type your search into the keyword version. For example, if you want to search by it title, choose the title keyword(s) box. If you want to search subject, type your info into the subject keyword box. Then select to refine your search below. Under "Locations" you need to select your branch. In this case I would select Location: MCMLS R.B. Tullis Library (New Caney).
  7. If you wish to see more information about the book or wish to reserve it, you must click the title of the book. This will take you to the item information. Here you will find publishing information, subjects, as well as the different locations that have the item. The copy/holding information shows which collection you will find the physical item in, the call number, it's status (checked in or out), as well as the option to request specific copies.
  8. If the title you have selected is not the one you wanted to look at or you would like to look at the search results, press your browser's back button. It will show the page as expired but you can click the Refresh button and retry to bring the page back up.
  9. If you wish to search a subject and only want books for children, you can type the subject you are looking for followed by either juvenile fiction (for fiction) or juvenile literature(for non-fiction).
  10. You will notice that the search results yielded other juvenile specific items.  To the right of the subject heading it will give you the number of items that have that subject listing.
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