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A Layer (1) Diary after Creature's Birth

A Layer (1) Diary after Creature's Birth

Author: Cleetus Chesner
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One Page Diary Entry From Victor Following Creature's Birth

 One dreary night in November

1:20 a.m.


Oh dear God, what have I done? What hellish creature, what demon from darkest recess of the mind have I created?! Fool, that before he was such a majesty, such beauty that I could scarcely look upon his form without pleasure. Such had I crafted him! Yet I was blind, a blind arrogant fool to play the hand of God. How many months, years had I devoted to playing creator? How much of my health had I sacrificed to perform this miracle of modern science? That my name be forever be showered with the greatest of praises; my ingenious design to be copied.

But now I see that it was in vein. When the spark of life entered the beast from Hell I knew that I had made a mistake so catastrophic that the torment in my soul tears me to pieces. 

He held the curtain and fixed me with his eyes-eyes so milky and dead that they cannot be called eyes. Eyes suggest an animation of the soul, yet this foul creature just grinned wide, gaping like the mouth of Hades coming to swallow me whole. I could stay no longer.

I fled. Now I sit in the courtyard, taking refuge, listening to the creature moan and make animalistic noises that disgust my very being. My body trembles to a tempo that is like a tango, fast and forever. My heart beats as though it wishes to escape my body, as my mind wishes only to forget the horrors onto humanity that I have created.

“I have been so deeply engaged in this one occupation that I have not allowed myself significant rest”. I felt that desperate tiredness cling to my soul, pulling me down into fits of despair. To think I have cut myself off from my family and friends, that I worked with such fervor… All to waste. How, only an hour ago, I was ecstatic at the prospect of succeeding! The hope and joy…

I must leave. I must walk. Maybe in exercise my brain will be brought some piece of solace. Oh, humanity I pray you forgive me.