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A Look at Blogging in Early Childhood

A Look at Blogging in Early Childhood

Author: Heather Taube

To engage young learners through technology and collaboration! Extending "hands on" learning fun in the preschool classroom!

To introduce preschool students to the possibilities of connecting with other young learners across the globe!

To expand student vocabulary and creativity using technology!

The preschool class, with the help of the teacher and parent, are engaged in 21st Century learning using KidBlog. Pictures are posted of our busy days in the classroom. Students, parents and teachers may post comments, reply to content and view pictures and video! We also QuadBlog....we visit 4 other Preschool classrooms across the globe and take a peek at how they learn and play, dress, talk, etc. Blogging on KidBlog allows our students, parents and teachers to connect easily online. All posts are viewed before being published. Preschool students enjoy listening to comments or remarks left by parents, teachers and visitors on their pictures, videos, artwork and/or learning activities! The possibilities are endless and so is the fun!

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Mrs. Taube's Pre-K Blog

Source: Kidblog

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