Author: Joyce Buda


Physical Network DesignA. Network TopologyBusiness NeedsWith this facility gives us the opportunity to build a network from scratch that teachers, studentsand even visitors can access so that they may take care of their specific needs uninterrupted andwithout conflict. This will allow for a productive and successful university to continue to thrivefor many yearsProposed TopologyThere will be a few different topologies in this network, including star, bus and tree. Select oneor more topologies to use for this design. The following details are as follows:AreaBuilding lengthBuilding widthBuilding heightRoom HeightMeasurements240 f95 f30 f15 fJustificationThe different topologies are suited for the different networks we will be installing and theequipment being used. The instructor and students computers will make up a bus/tree topologyand the wireless network will be using the star since everything will be flowing through therouter.B. Network MediaBusiness NeedsCable should have a distance length of more than 240ft to meet the needs of the building lengthand height. The cable should not allow cross talk between student and faculty computers.Proposed Network Media (include network wiring diagrams)Ethernet Cat6A Straight ThroughEthernet Cat6A CrossoverJustificationThe Cat 6A cable has a length of approximately 328 feet which is sufficient to use horizontalcross-section cables throughout the length of the building and also use vertical cross-sectioncables for the multiple stories in the building. Cat 6A cabling provides faster and more protectionthan Cat6 UTP.Depending upon how the computers will be connected and to what kind of devices, either astraight through or a crossover cable will be used.C. Network DevicesBusiness NeedsThe building needs wireless capability, enough ports for all the students and faculty membersand security for the network itself.Proposed Network DevicesAsus Dual-Band Wireless RouterFirewall3 x 48 Port Switches (1st Floor)4 x 48 Port Switches (2nd Floor)JustificationThe router is for the wireless access in the lobby, the firewall is for the network security and thenumber of switches is to cover the amount of ports required for all of computers on each floor,D. Network Security DevicesBusiness NeedsSame as aboveProposed Network Security DevicesFirewall (Same as above)JustificationFirewall needed for network securityE. Computer SystemsBusiness NeedsThe school needs a server for faculty and their files, a server to print on for the students and thefaculty, a server for the students to use and a server for the wireless accessProposed Computer SystemsMDF will be on the first floor in the server room and the IDF will be in the 2 nd floor server room.There will be 3 additional IDFs on the first floor for classrooms 1, 2 and 4. There will be 4additional IDFs on the 2nd floor in classrooms 1, 2,5 and in the student computer lab.JustificationThese additional servers are justified by the amount of computers in each room.

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