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A Nontraditional Approach to Grading

A Nontraditional Approach to Grading

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will consider a nontraditional approach to grading, one that is compatible with standards-based teaching.

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Notes on “A Nontraditional Approach to Grading”


(00:00-00:09) Introduction

(00:10-01:19) Thomas Guskey and Evaluation

(01:20-02:20) Dealing With Failing Grades

(02:21-03:00) Suggestions For Grading

(03:01-03:11) Reflection

(03:12-03:37) Conclusion

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Standards-Based Grading: Frequently Asked Questions

This handbook from Excelsior Springs High School demonstrates one high school's commitment and approach to standards based grading. The handbook provides an excellent overview of standards based grading in action and can serve as a model when developing a communication tool for teachers transitioning to standards based grading.

Standards-Based Grading Implementation

This blog post includes resources and strategies for implementing standards based grading. The first three links provide useful strategies for creating topic scales, creating assessments, and tracking progress.