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A. Significant Figures and Scientific Notation

A. Significant Figures and Scientific Notation

Author: carolyn fruin

Learning Targets

  • I can identify the number of significant figures in a measurement and record results of calculations accurately.
  • I can use scientific notation to record very large and very small values.

This is a two part tutorial dealing with handling numbers in science and measurement. The checkpoint document at the end of the tutorial should be completed to 100% before moving on.

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Significant Figures PowerPoint

Review the following powerpoint for notes on significant figures.

Significant Figures

Source: KhanAcademy

Scientific Notation

This screen recording will explain what scientific notation is, how to use it and lastly, how to enter problems on a calculator.

Scientific Notation Powerpoint

Review this power point on scientific notation.

Scientific Notation

Source: KhanAcademy

Checkpoint - Significant Figures and Scientific Notation

Please print and complete this document. Notify your instructor when you are finished and it will be graded for accuracy. You may not continue with the next packet until you have attained a score of 100%.