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A Variety of Punctuation Marks:  A final pass

A Variety of Punctuation Marks: A final pass

Author: Janice Davis

Students should be able to accurately define and apply the basic rules for the following punctuation marks:  dash, hyphen, parentheses, semicolon, and colon.

This is the final chance to put it all together.  (Okay, not the final ever, but for sixth grade.)  Listen to and/or watch these videos carefully!  They will reinforce everything we've done in class and more!

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( ; : - -- ) A Final Pass at These Marks

You MUST watch/listen to all of the websites listed below.  Then, you must complete the practice pages.  These are due in two days.

If you want to complete today's homework on an electronic copy, you can do so by clicking the link below.  You will need to make your own copy of the file, type in your answers, and then print your completed work to turn in tomorrow.

Click here to download and print another copy of your supporting worksheet: ( ; : - -- ) A Variety of Punctuation:  One more pass .

Grammar Girl: Dashes, Hyphens, and Colons

Grammar Girl will help you understand all the basic rules for colons, dashes, and hyphens.  Read along with her in this audio presentation.  (We aren't working on the different types of dashes -- em or en -- just the basic concepts of using a dash.)

Click here to read along with Grammar Girl.

Guidelines for Using Semicolons, Colons, and Dashes

Use this interactive website to further your knowledge on dashes, colons, hyphens, and semicolons.

Click here to go to the website.

Using Parentheses

This website will give you all the rules for using parentheses.  It will also give you some excellent tools to use when determining if a sentence uses parentheses or dashes.  Pay close attention to the examples.  You will probably see them on another document very soon!

Click here to go to the Parentheses website.


You will also need to listen to Grammar Girl's information on using Dashes versus Parentheses.

Click here to go to Grammar Girl:  Dashes, Parentheses, and Commas