A word is worth a thousand pictures...

A word is worth a thousand pictures...

Author: Kathleen Palmer

Students will take a word with more than one definition and show understanding by drawing different meanings, both literal and figurative.

A picture is worth a thousand words...try flipping that to...A word can have a thousand pictures...

When first thinking of the word BOOK, a picture of a novel or a textbook comes to mind. There are many other meanings of the word, especially when using it as a different part of speech.

A Book - a printed work of written material that is bound and within covers

The Book - Bible

To Book - to reserve a spot - for example: to book a cruise or to book a table at a restaurant

To Book - to engage someone to do something - for example: They booked a musician to play at the wedding

To Book - to register an official charge against - for example - They took the suspect to booking 

A Booker - one who looks after betting - for example - the bookmaker took bets for the upcoming horse race

Then there are the many idioms using book:

  • The thieves cooked their books to make them look legitimate to the auditor.
  • He booked it home so he wouldn't be late for curfew.
  • She is in her mother's bad books for not doing her chores
  • The hotel is booked solid for the next three years

You will pick a word and draw a minimum of SIX different meanings. You may set up your page as you like in order to present the meanings. 

The word will go on the BACK of the sketchbook page. 

You may use a word of your choosing: here are a few to pick from if you are stuck


You must use colour and your pictures should be fully developed (no contour line pencil sketches please).



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