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A World Without Bees

A World Without Bees

Author: Jennifer Martin

Standards:LS6.5. Organisms in ecosystems exchange energy and nutrients among themselves and with the environment. 

SS5.B. Students know different kinds of organisms may play similar ecological roles in similar biomes.

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What would happen to us and our environment if we did not have bees?

Big Idea

Bees are a crucial part of our world. They are some of the hardest working creatures on the planet, and we owe many thanks to this amazing yet often under appreciated insect. Our lives – and the world as a whole – would be a much different place if bees didn't exist. 

A World Without Bees

Please watch this video discussing what would happen to our world if we did not have bees. You will be quizzed on this!

Source: historychannel. “A World Without Bees | History.” YouTube, YouTube, 7 June 2014,

Read this article and write down the top five facts that were most interesting to you. All students will take turns sharing their top five with the class.

Source: “13 Fascinating Facts About Bees.” Mental Floss, 18 Nov. 2013,

Apply what you know!

Click on the hyperlink below and read the article. After reading, take out your science journals and write down the top five ways in which bees help our ecosystem. In your own words, describe how the bees help in these ways. 

Five Ways Bees are Important to the Environment

Source: “5 Ways Bees are Important to the Environment.” Canada's leading Lawn and Garden Manufacturer,


Think About It

Create a Google Docs form and individually, respond to the following question with a three paragraph minimum response.  

Why do you think bees are important? What are some of your favorite foods that would be extinct or very limited without bees. How many of these foods are in your house right now? 

Hint Click here to find a long list of foods that bees make possible!

Click here to respond in Google Docs

Source: “List of Foods We Will Lose if We Don't Save the Bees.” Urban Beekeepers,