A1 2.1 - Numbers from 11-100

A1 2.1 - Numbers from 11-100

Author: Marie Slim

Students will be able to use numbers 11-100 to count and to tell time. 

Information for Sra. Slim's students.

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Watch the Videos, Complete the Activities, and Take the Quiz on Tuesday, 10/15

To be done BEFORE CLASS begins Wednesday, 10/16.

Sra. Slim's Number Song in Spanish 1-26

Sra. Slim's Number Song in Spanish 1-26

- Listen and sing!

Source: SlimLibrary on YouTube (Sra. Slim)

Spanish Number Rap 1-100

Spanish Number Rap 1-100

Listen - how many times does he recite them backwards!

Source: Sr. Ashby

SpanishSpanish - Interactive Numbers Practice

Work on 60 to 80. 




(Temporarily not working evening of 10/15/13!  Thanks, Tiffany)

Listen and Learn Spanish Numbers 11-100

Source: donquijote.org

¿Cuántas tortugas hay? Game - How many sea animals?

This is a hard game.  A Challenge for students who already know a lot of Spanish!



Source: myspanishgames.com/