A1 2.1 - The Verb TENER

A1 2.1 - The Verb TENER

Author: Marie Slim

Students will be able to form the verb TENER.  Then students will be able to use the verb tener to say what people have and have to do and how often. 

Information for Sra. Slim's students.

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To be and to have interactive quiz



francés = French

china/o = Chinese

europeo = European

alemán = German


Interactive Tener Grammar Lesson

Source: myspanishgames.com

Tener Practice on Quia - Remember to Log In!

Source: quia.com

Tener Rags to Riches Game

Source: Quia.com

Tener + que + infinitive (-ar, -er or -ir)

tener + que + infinitive

Source: Showme.com

Tener + que + infinitive (-ar, -er or -ir)

Source: quia.com

Tener + que + infinitive (-ar, -er or -ir) Rags to Riches Game

Source: Quia.com