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A1 3.2 - Vocabulario 1 (la familia)

A1 3.2 - Vocabulario 1 (la familia)

Author: Marie Slim

Students will be able to use vocabulary to identify people in their families and the families of others. 

Students will be able to use vocabulary to identify people in their families and the families of others. 

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A1 3.2 Vocabulario 1 - La Familia

la abuela - grandmother

el abuelo - grandfather

los abuelos - grandparents

la familia - family

la hermana - sister

el hermano - brother

los hermanos - brothers, brother(s) and sister(s)

la hija - daughter

el hijo - son

los hijos - son(s) and daughter(s), children

la madrastra - stepmother

la madre (la mamá)- mother

el padrastro - stepfather

el padre (el papá)- father

los padres - parents

el primo - cousin (male)

la prima - cousin (female)

los primos - cousins

la tía - aunt

el tío - uncle

los tíos - uncles, uncle(s) and aunt(s)

el gato - cat

el perro - dog

Source: Avancemos 1

A1 3.2 Vocabulario

Avancemos 1 3.2 - vocabulario - GoAnimate and Camtasia

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La familia Slim (los Slim)

la familia Slim

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"I am just a blue balloon. Very sad."

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Everyone needs a good tree, a family tree if available. Just when it couldn't get less bizarre, it gets more bizarre.

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Family Tree

This video goes through the pronunciation of various family members in Spanish. I will also show you how to ask about someone's family tree and how to respond.

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Might seem like a simple question, but it could save your life some day.

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Quia Quiz - La Familia (A1 3.2)

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NEED TO MAKE QUIA Activity - both are bad

they are

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