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A1 4.1 Los colores - vocabulario

A1 4.1 Los colores - vocabulario

Author: Marie Slim

Students will be able to use colors to describe clothing.

This tutorial has videos, presentations and links to enhance students' learning of colors in Spanish.

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Los colores

Los colores


brown eyes = ojos cafés

brown hair = pelo castaño  (o cabello castaño)

Source: Quizlet

Los colores - con animales

Los colores con animales que hicimos en la clase de español

Source: Sra Slim y los estudiantes de español 1

Colors with the Angry Family

Angry Family Colors Video

Source: TheAngryFamilyESP on YouTube

A1 4.1 Los colores - animales

Los colores con animales que hicimos

Source: La Sra. Slim y los estudiantes de la clase de español

Los colores canción

Quick song covering colors

Source: Pepitasdespanish on YouTube

Practice your Colors - Beetles

Just in time for Troy's insect project:


Beetles of many colors:


Practice your colors - Birds


Play the Simon game with colors on someone's toes!


Spelling Quiz on Colors