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A1 LP - Use the Alphabet to Spell Names

A1 LP - Use the Alphabet to Spell Names

Author: Marie Slim

Students will be able to say letters of the Spanish the alphabet to spell out words.  Students will be able to listen to Spanish letters to decipher words being spelled. pp. 10-11

Tutorial  for Sra. Slim's Spanish 1 students.

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How to ask someone to spell their name:

how to spell your name?

Source: Avancemos 1

A1 LP El abecedario con la Sra. Slim (the alphabet)

The Spanish alphabet slow and easy in a song. Based on "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

Source: Marie Slim, @sraslim

A1 LP Deletrear en español - Spelling in Spanish

Practice spelling 5 random words and 5 Proper Names (answers at end)

Source: Marie Slim, @sraslim

El abecedario / El alfabeto

el alfabeto

Source: Avancemos 1

Las vocales españolas (Spanish vowels)

Las vocales españolas (Spanish vowels)

Source: SraHutch on YouTube!

La Canción de las Vocales - 2:00

Catchy! Don't click the star unless you want to watch it again!

Source: lunacreciente

El abecedario en español

Great video - 2 types of "G," etc. W is said weirdly (we will use "doble ve"), Plus CH and LL are not real letters, just sounds.

Source: Mi Jardin Infantil

Spanish Alphabet / El alfabeto español - con Sr. Jordan

Source: Sr. Jordan on YouTube