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Abandoned Farmhouse

Abandoned Farmhouse

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"Abandoned Farmhouse"

Write About It

Either in your writer's notebook or using Moby Max Writing, explore one of the following ideas. Really try to feel the emotion that the characters are feeling. 



1 - Assume the man or his wife has left a letter behind; what does it say?


2 - Make a list of what you think your room and/or possessions say about you and your life. Model your list on the format that Kooser uses throughout the poem. Make sure that your list contains specific details, like the poem does.


3 - Write a few journal/diary entries as if by one of the adults in the farmhouse.

Source: Reading Poetry by Paul B. Janeczko

Websites to Explore

Websites to Explore

Ted Kooser's Website

American Life in Poetry - This is a website that Kooser set up when he was the poet laureate of the United States.

Illinois State Museum - You can find out more information about living on the prairie in the mid-1800's at this website.






Source: Reading Poetry by Paul B. Janeczko