Ablatives Absolute

Ablatives Absolute

Author: Sarah Landis
  • to understand what "absolute" means in a grammatical context
  • to recognize ablatives absolute in Latin
  • to know the options for translating ablatives absolute into English

English doesn't use many absolute constructions, but Latin does. The ablative absolute is one of the most common constructions in Latin literature.


topics to know before viewing this tutorial: participles (all four kinds), ablative endings (all five declensions)

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introduction to ablatives absolute by latintutorial @ YouTube

Source: latintutorial @ YouTube

explanation at SLU

written description with lots of English and Latin examples, color-coded

Source: St. Louis University, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Modern and Classical Languages

an English absolute to consider

The Founding Fathers knew their Latin. What does that mean for our interpretation of their writing?

Source: text of Amendment II from the National Archives; slides by Sarah Landis

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Source: Sarah Landis