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Abraham Lincoln- Great man? Or Vampire Slayer?

Abraham Lincoln- Great man? Or Vampire Slayer?

Author: Matthew Manuel

Objective is to learn if Abraham Lincoln was really a vampire slayer? Yeah right. This lesson will have us research "the real" Abraham Lincoln and his impact on the United States as the sixteenth President. As a class we will research his famous wittings and speeches. We will look at "House Divided" speech (1858), Gettysburg Address (1863), Emancipation Proclamation (1863), and his  two inaugural address (1861 and 1865).

As groups we will each have a topic; we will then conduct research on the topic; once we have sufficient information we will then learn how to build a presentation using the App. Explain Everything. Once each group has constructed a presentation on their topic each group will present their video to the class.

Our objective is to discover the impact that Abraham Lincoln had on the United States and how even today his impact is felt in our daily lives. Secondly, our objective is to better learn how to work together as a team to accomplish a task. Thirdly, we will have some fun using a new technology to help us present our findings.

For this project we are going to research the impact that President Abraham Lincoln's speeches had on the United States and how they helped to shape the world we live in today. Additionally, we are going to build on our research skill, collaboration skills, and communication skills. We are going to work on building team rolls (jobs) for each group member; creating rolls will allow each team member to work on a section of the project that interests them to promote teamwork and comprehension. We are also going to use technology to help us understand a new way of presenting material. Lastly, we are going to learn how cool of a president Mr. Lincoln really was!

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Abraham Lincoln- vampire slayer? Really?????

While Mr. Lincoln did some amazing things in his life; vampire hunting was not one of them!


Abraham Lincoln's more realistic achievments

Here is a nice video done by high school student for her English class. This video does a nice job of presenting the "real" Lincoln!


Student Instruction Day 1

  • Break into groups of five and select your topic/speech to begin researching
  • Speeches to select from: Abraham Lincoln Inaugural Address (1861), "House Divided" (1858), Gettysburg Address (1863), Emancipation Proclamation (1863), Abraham Lincoln 2nd Inaugural Address (1865)- Note: no group can select the same topic, each speech must be presented by one group!
  • Gather in your group of 5 and elect responsibilities for each team member. For example, you might want to have 2 people responsible for researching the topic, you might want to have 1 person be the team leader and organizer of the information that comes from the research. Additionally, you might want to have one person be the tech person who is in charge of putting together the presentation. Lastly, you might want to have one person selected to present your work. These are just suggestions to help you form your group and help you to accomplish your goal.
  • Using your groups iPad begin using the internet to research your speech and begin gathering your information. This may be done by all five team members of your group but again you might find it useful to have 1 or 2 point people in charge of keeping the group focused!
  • Be sure to record, print, or take notes on the information you find.
  • Helpful hints to begin your research: Read/scan the speech, look for the mood in the speech, what is Lincoln trying to say, when was speech, at what point in his life did he give the speech, what was going on with Civil War at the time the speech was given, who might be the intended audience of the speech, what was the goal of the speech, and what was the outcome of the speech?
  • Goal: the goal for your team is to gather all the information you think might be necessary in presenting to your fellow classmates on why that speech was important and what impact did the speech have the United States. Your team needs to gather enough information to build a 1-3 minute presentation
  • If time permits please watch the Explain Everything tutorial via the link provided.


Student Instruction Day 2

  • Meet in your group and finalize your research from Day 1. Take the time to continue your research if needed but make sure you have time to begin organizing the findings from your research.
  • Watch the video on story boarding: "How to Create a Storyboard for Your Video Shoot"
  • Suggestions for organizing your research: build a outline (beginning, middle, end), create a story board. A story board is a fantastic way to organize your research and begin telling your story. Remember you are going to have images you can use to enhance your presentation, you will have video available as well. Think in terms of a beginning, middle, and end. How do you want to open your presentation, what will capture your fellow classmates attention. The next step is to make sure you are providing the key important info, you will be able to add voice over to the presentation so you will be able to talk to key points, writing your points out on the presentation might not provide the impact you are going for. Remember all a story board is drawing out slide by slide what you want to present
  • After coming up with your story board OR outline watch the video tutorial video on the Explain Everything App. "Explain Everything iPad app tutorial"
  • Begin building your presentation using Explain Everything
  • Remember your presentation needs to be between 1-3 minutes in length (probably about 10-15 slides)
  • After watching the video take the rest of class to begin building your presentation

How to Create a Storyboard

Here is a great video to help you begin thinking about how you would like to organize your presentation!


Explain Everything- Reference PDF

Explain Everything PDF walk though and answers to basic questions


Explain Everything iPad app tutorial

Here is a video on how to go about putting your storyboard together in the presentation tool for this project.


Student Instruction Day 3 and 4

  • The entire period today and tomorrow is for your team to work on your groups presentation
  • Please feel free to ask questions and remember teamwork is key to your success with this project!
  • Helpful hint: if you run into problems with Explain Everything please feel free to search out solutions in YouTube etc.

Student Instruction Day 5

  • It's presentation time, take the first few minutes of class to tie up and loose ends, then let the presentations begin!

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