ABS 270 Final Exam Answers

ABS 270 Final Exam Answers

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ABS 270 Final Exam Answers

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1. Question : Which of these statements is most accurate about the amount of rangelands

2. Question : What is the most important single environmental factor in determining the productivity of rangelands?

3. Question : If you were traveling from west to east across the Great Plains in the United States what would be the correct sequence of grassland types that you would encounter?

4. Question : Rangelands can be described as

5. Question : In the rangeland succession model what are some of the factors that keep rangelands from progressing toward climax?

6. Question : What happens to roots after grazing of the above ground vegetation?

7. Question : Most (over 50%) of the commercial timberland in the United States is owned by which of these groups?

8. Question : The U.S. Forest Service was established in 1905, to sustain the forests for future use. Who was the president of the US who was responsible for the establishment of the National Forests.

9. Question : Who was the first Chief of the Forest Service

10. Question : The largest contiguous ponderosa Pine Forest is located in:

11. Question : Typically Ponderosa Pine trees live to be about:

12. Question : In their natural (pre European Settlement) conditions Ponderosa pine forests were generally:

13. Question : What factor is most responsible for increasing mortality of trees by catastrophic fire?

14. Question : A colorless gas produced by motor vehicles and some industrial processes is most likely:

15. Question : While walking down a mountain pass, you see a factory town at a distance in the valley below. You can see that most of the pollution from the smokestacks appears capped as if by an invisible lid, so that it cannot spread out of the valley to the air above. What is the name of such a phenomenon?

16. Question : Which of the following are major atmospheric pollutants?

17. Question : Which of the following is a gaseous pollutant and a mojor conponent of photochemical smog–the brownish haze that shrouds many urban areas during the hot, sunny days of summer

18. Question : What is not a form of natural air pollution?

19. Question : A pollutant that is produced by chemical reactions between hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides and its reactions are powered by sunlight is usually:

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