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Abstracts for Research Papers: You Will Have Facts Only

Abstracts for Research Papers: You Will Have Facts Only

Author: Anna Everson

It is vital for a researcher to effectively present the topic of his/her scientific study. If the research itself is an organization with all the departments and functions, the research paper abstract is the image of this organization thus showing the basic purpose of production.

What is a research paper abstract?

As the abstract is a brief presentation of the research, one should take into consideration the basic rules of research paper abstract and its strict structure. While reading the research paper abstract, a reader should succeed in comprehending the whole scope of the study and its major peculiarities; the research paper abstract should also evoke the interest and the desire to go though the entire document.

Hence, it is a kind of laconic and business advertisement for the reader to inform and to reveal the secrets of scientific investigation.

Rules for the research paper abstract building

  • What?: research paper abstract should contain the subject and the problem discussed within two short sentences.
  • How?: this part of the research paper abstract must contain a short description of the methods applied, the materials used, and the experiments conducted.
  • Why?: in research paper abstract, a researcher should succinctly present the outcomes of the research, as well as its analysis.
  • What is for the future?: in the concluding part of the research paper abstract, it is necessary to sum up the above mentioned and identify the importance of the study.

Important hints for a successful research paper abstract!

  • Research paper abstract is not an introduction: it does not include a thesis and common phrases. Everything should be up to the point.
  • The abstract of the main paper should be written only after the completion of the paper;
  • Research paper abstract is the compressed version of the research paper, nothing else could be included, only accurate, bright, and explicit demonstration of the facts.
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