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Academic Research: What is it?

Academic Research: What is it?

Author: Soma Jurgensen

By the end of this lesson you will be able to answer:

  • What is academic research?
  • What isn't academic research?
  • What are the characteristics of academic research?
  • What steps are involved in academic research?

Students in B371 Research and Report Writing at Rasmussen College present some fundamentals of research and report writing. It’s first important to understand how the specific characteristics of true research differ from the more general, popular use of the word.

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How do we use the term "Research?"

There are so many ways the term research is applied in daily life, from our pursuit of consumer knowledge to writing a composition paper in school, to investigating a problem at work. When academics, or scholars, use the term research there is a specific process intended. In fact, the process is very similar to the scientific method.

Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation crafted by my students for more about what is, and is not, research.

What is resesarch?

Students present their understanding of what is, and is not, research.

Source: Leedy, P., Ormrod, J. (2010). What is research? Practical Research. Pearson. Upper Saddle River: New Jersey. pgs. 1-11.

Students present their PowerPoint: What is research?

Students present their PowerPoint distinguishing between the common use of the term research and those characteristics scholars use. The speaker gives some good examples.