ACC 206 Week Assignment – 5 Exercises

ACC 206 Week Assignment – 5 Exercises

Author: sabrina laip

ACC 206 Week Assignment – 5 Exercises


ACC 206 Week Assignment – 5 Exercises

Please complete the following 5 exercises below in either Excel or a word document (but must be single document). You must show your work where appropriate (leaving the calculations within Excel cells is acceptable). Save the document, and submit it in the appropriate week using the Assignment Submission button.

Critical Thinking Question:

Answer the following questions:

Why are noncash transactions, such as the exchange of common stock for a building for example, included on a statement of cash flows? How are these noncash transactions disclosed?

Classification of activities Classify each of the following transactions as arising from an operating (O), investing (I), financing (F), or noncash investing/financing (N) activity.

________ Received $80,000 from the sale of land.

________ Received $3,200 from cash sales.

________ Paid a $5,000 dividend.

________ Purchased $8,800 of merchandise for cash.

________ Received $100,000 from the issuance of common stock.

________ Paid $1,200 of interest on a note payable.

________ Acquired a new laser printer by paying $650.

________ Acquired a $400,000 building by signing a $400,000 mortgage note.

Overview of direct and indirect methods

Evaluate the comments that follow as being True or False. If the comment is false, briefly explain why.

Both the direct and indirect methods will produce the same cash flow from operating activi

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