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ACC 315 Final Project Rubric

ACC 315 Final Project Rubric

Author: Robert Montan

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Human Resources (HR) Management and Payroll Processes
Examine the Human Resources (HR) Management and Payroll Processes and show how you would implement it in a company of your choice, or invent a fictitious one. Discuss processes as well as as risks associated. Why did you choose the HR Management & Payroll Process that you did? How does what you chose compare to other options available?
Use knowledge obtained in this course to help. Topics covered in the class include:
Flow of accounting information and the value of information
Documenting New and Existing System Specifications
Controlling Information Systems
The Order Entry/Sales Process
The Purchasing/AP Process
The Human Resources Management/Integrated Production Processes
Short Papers written for class topics include:
Career Paths in Accounting
System Flow Diagrams
Disaster Recovery
Sales Process
Organizational Risks/Mitigation

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