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ACC 340 Final Exam

ACC 340 Final Exam

Author: Robert Montan

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Essay questions
Answers should be at least three paragraphs long. 

 1. Discuss at length at least four things you could do to help shorten the close process as anew controller. 

 2. Name at least two documents a public company would be required to file under the SEC.How often must they be file? Describe what they are and what information they wouldprovide to the public .

 3. Discuss at least two methods the controller can use to reduce costs. Discuss the pros andcons to each. 

 4. The Brock Company has decided to replace some equipment and needs 2 million dollarsto do this. Discuss in detail several options the company could use to acquire this equipmentand include several options of financing this equipment. 

 5. Company X has been in operation for 7 years, and a public company for 5years. They have yet to offer a dividend to their shareholders. What are somepossible reasons they haven’t offered a dividend yet? If they do decide to offer adividend, what positive and negative impact might this have on the company? 

 Short answer questions 
 1. What are liquidity measures? 2. What are ratios used to measure a company’s ability to make its debtpayments called? 
 3. Name two items that should be included in an RFP for a financial systemsimplementation. 
 4. Label the following as temporary or permanent tax differences:
5. What is a loan covenant? 

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