ACC 403 FINAL EXAM 2 CHP. 14-17 & 21&24

ACC 403 FINAL EXAM 2 CHP. 14-17 & 21&24

Author: Christine Farr


What critical event must take place before goods can be shipped in order to assure payment can be reasonably expected?

When designing audit procedures, tracing of source documents to the customers subsidiary ledger and subsequently to the general ledger is done to satisfy what assertion?

The audit procedure referred to as proof of cash receipts is particularly useful to test:

When an employee who is authorized to make customer entries in the accounts receivable subsidiary ledger, purposefully enters cash received into the wrong customer's account that employee may be suspected of:

A document sent to each customer showing his or her beginning accounts receivable balance and the amount and date of each sale, cash payment received, any debit or credit memo issued, and the ending balance is the:

One of the causes of nonsampling risk is:

A sample in which every possible combination of items in the population has an equal chance of constituting the sample is a:

To determine if a sample is truly representative of the population, an auditor would be required to:

When the auditor decides to select less than 100 percent of the population for testing, the auditor is said to use:

Which of the following would have the least impact in determining sample size?

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