ACC 410 QUIZ 4

ACC 410 QUIZ 4

Author: Christine Farr


Six years ago Hill City issued $10 million of 6% term bonds, due 30 years from the date of issue.  Interest on the bonds is payable semi-annually on January 1 and July 1.  Hill City has a September 30 fiscal year end.  The amount of interest payable that would be included on the balance sheet for the debt service fund of Hill City at September 30 would be

Sister City was notified by the State that they had been awarded a $6 million grant to aid in the construction of a senior citizens center.  At the time of the notification what is the appropriate entry in the capital project fund (assuming that the City maintains its books and records in a manner to facilitate the preparation of the fund financial statements)?

Adams County has outstanding $10 million in bonds issued by the County to construct a sewer system in a specific area of the county.  The taxpayers in that area voted for the construction and the bonds and agreed to tax themselves to pay the principal and interest on the bonds.  The County contracted for the construction and issued the bonds but the City assumed no legal or moral obligation for the bonds.  If the special tax payments are not sufficient to make the required principal and interest payments, the County will not make up the difference.  The $10 million of bonds should appear in which fund financial statements or schedule?

In which fund type would a governmental entity’s debt service  fund be found?

The debt service  fund of a governmental entity is accounted for using which of the following bases of accounting?

In which fund type would a governmental entity’s capital project fund be found?

Harbor City issued 6% tax-exempt bonds and used the proceeds to acquire federal government securities yielding 7%.  After paying the interest on the tax-exempt bonds, the City cleared 1%.  This is an example of

Sugar City issued $2 million of bonds to fund the construction of a new city office building.  The bonds have a stated rate of interest of 5% and were sold at 101.  Which of the following entries should be made in the Capital Project Fund to record this event?

Calhoun County makes annual transfers from the general fund to the debt service fund to pay principal and interest on long-term debt. When the County makes the transfer the entry in the debt service fund should be

A governmental entity has elected to issue new debt and use the proceeds to redeem existing debt because there is an economic gain in doing so.  There is, however, an ‘accounting loss’ associated with these events.  An accounting loss is defined as

Use of a Debt Service Fund is required

Calhoun County makes annual transfers from the general fund to the debt service fund to pay principal and interest on long-term debt. In the debt service fund, what is the appropriate entry when the principal payment is made?

The City of Williamsburg decided to defease old 6% bonds carried in its Electric Enterprise Fund with new 4.5% bonds.  As a result of the defeasance, the City incurred an accounting loss.  This loss should be recognized

Voters in Lincoln School District approved the construction of a new high school and approved a $10 million bond issue with a stated rate of interest of 6% to fund the construction.   Bids were received and the low bid was $10 million.  When the bonds were issued, they sold for face value less bond underwriting fees of $.5 million.   The School Board voted to fund the balance of the construction by a transfer from the general fund. The entry in the capital project fund to record the receipt of the bond proceeds would be

Salt City issued $5 billion of bonds at face value to fund the reconstruction of the major interstate highways in and around their city.  The bond underwriters withheld $2 million for underwriting fees and remitted the balance to the City.   Assuming the City maintains its books and records in a manner that facilitates the preparation of fund financial statement, how would the underwriting fee be accounted for in the capital project fund?

A broker-dealer or other financial institution transfers cash to a government in exchange for securities and the government agrees to repay the cash plus interest and return the securities.  From the government's point of view, this transaction is a

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