ACC 410 QUIZ 8 (1)

ACC 410 QUIZ 8 (1)

Author: Christine Farr


The Yellow Book’s general standards are issued by the

Which of the following is not a General Auditing Standard for financial audits?

This law requires that the wages of laborers and mechanics employed by the contractors of federally funded projects be paid at prevailing local wage rates.

In reporting the results of a performance audit, it is appropriate for the auditors to

Which of the following statements is incorrect about GAO standards pertaining to performance audits?

Per the GAO standards, an auditor’s working papers must

Which of the following is a Yellow Book standard in respect to independence?

Government Auditing Standards must be adhered to in all financial audits except of

‘‘Generally accepted government auditing standards’’ (GAGAS) refers to standards incorporated in

The purpose of this is to avoid duplication of efforts in conducting governmental audits

Federal funds must be used only for activities that are within the scope of the grant would be a(n)

The process of specifically directing federal funds to a particular program is called:

In discerning the objectives of a program to be audited, the auditors should give the least credibility to

Government Auditing Standards characterizes government engagements into which of the following three categories?

Auditors who perform government audits must complete 80 hours of continuing professionaleducation every two years, of which ____ hours must be related directly to government auditing. 

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