ACC 410 QUIZ 9

ACC 410 QUIZ 9

Author: Christine Farr


__________ is characterized by bizarre motor behavior, which sometimes takes the form of a completely immobile stupor, although even in the stupor state the person is fully conscious of what is happening around them.

The medical model asserts that abnormal behavior is caused by:

In the United States, _____ have the highest suicide rate of all demographic groups.

A(n) ________ disorder is an anxiety disorder in which the individual has an irrational, overwhelming, persistent fear of a particular object or situation.

Abnormal behavior is behavior that is:

___________  are psychological disorders that feature motor tension, hyperactivity, and apprehensive expectations and thoughts.

What is the relationship between genetics and the risk of developing schizophrenia?

___________ is a disorder in which the individual not only develops amnesia but also unexpectedly travels away from home and assumes a new identity.

____________ is an anxiety disorder marked by the recurrent sudden onset of intense apprehension or terror.

Multiple personality disorder is also known as:

Group therapy, family and couples therapy, self-help support groups, and community mental health would be considered ________ approaches to the treatment of psychological disorders.

Moniz developed a procedure known as _________, which involved severing the connections between specific brain structures.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Compeer, Parents without Partners, and Weight Watchers are considered:

Removing or destroying brain tissue as a method to improve a person’s adjustment is called:

Drugs are mainly used to treat which of the following disorders?

Antianxiety drugs are also known as _______ and reduce anxiety by making individuals calmer and less excitable.

_________ therapies emphasize that individuals’ thoughts are the main source of abnormal behavior and psychological problems.

The role of the therapist in client-centered therapy would be described as:

What is the Freudian technique that encourages the patient to say aloud whatever comes to mind?

_____________ is the process used by mental health professionals to help individuals recognize, define, and overcome their psychological and interpersonal difficulties.

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