ACC 5170 Tax Return Project – 2016

ACC 5170 Tax Return Project – 2016

Author: semona henkova

ACC 5170 Tax Return Project – 2016


ACC 5170  Tax Return Project – 2016

ACC 5170

Tax Return Project

Winter 2016

Use the following information to prepare the various schedules/forms for Luke and Ann that are indicated on the class schedule of assignments. You will also use this information (and the information from the various schedules that you will have prepared) to prepare a federal form 1040 for Luke and Ann for 2015. Be sure to include all necessary forms and schedules to complete the tax return even if they were not prepared as individual assignments. Also, please put all forms for your completed Form 1040 in the proper order per the IRS attachment instructions. You may obtain the necessary forms and instructions from the IRS website:  www.irs.gov which has a forms and publications tab.  The tax return submitted and the various schedules MUST BE HAND WRITTEN.  

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