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ACC 545 Week 3 Assignment Retained Earnings and Owner’s Equity Statement Preparation

ACC 545 Week 3 Assignment Retained Earnings and Owner’s Equity Statement Preparation

Author: l marshall

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Resource: ABC Company History and ABC Financial Data Excel® spreadsheet, and the values from the Week 2 Individual AssignmentPrepare a statement of Retained Earnings and Comprehensive Income using the values from Week 2. • Apply error corrections to the retained earnings statement.• Calculate foreign currency translation.• Apply hedging or derivative transaction into statement.Prepare a Statement of Owner's Equity, referring to the balance sheet results as well as the statements prepared for the Week 2 Individual Assignment.Submit the Statement of Retained Earnings in a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet and the Statement of Owner's Equity and Comprehensive Income.The following should be on your excel sheet to properly respond to the above questions:With the general data provided the following Financial Statements for ABC Company:• Statement of Retained Earnings • Statement of Owners Equity • Apply error corrections to appropriate statement • Calculate foreign currency translation and apply to appropriate statement• Apply Hedging/Derivative transaction to appropriate statement

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