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ACC 556 WEEK 2 Crooked Scenario 2

ACC 556 WEEK 2 Crooked Scenario 2

Author: l marshall

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Read the scenarios and follow the subsequent directions.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.
DIRECTIONS:  Read and analyze the following 6 fraud scenarios.  From the list of revenue and inventoryschemes listed in Chapter 12, identify each fraud that is acting in the scenario.  There is only one fraud per scenario.  Please provide a short explanation on why you selected that particular type of fraud.  No title page or references are needed.  Scoring:  1 point for each correct scenario.
Revenue-related Fraud Schemes
Inventory-related Fraud Schemes
1. Related-party transactions2. Sham sales 
3. Bill-and-hold sales
4. Side agreements or side letters
5. Consignment sales
6. Channel stuffing
7. Lapping or kiting
8. Redating or refreshing
9. Liberal return policies
10. Partial shipment schemes
11. Improper cutoff
12. Round-tripping

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