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ACC 556 WEEK 5 Crooked, Scenario 5

ACC 556 WEEK 5 Crooked, Scenario 5

Author: l marshall

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Week 5 Payroll:  Crooked, Scenario 5
Payroll is often a prime area for fraud (ghost employees, bogus time recording, inflation of hours/ rates, overtime fraud…).  Your internal audit team has stumbled across some data, although it is incomplete, that suggests payroll fraud has been going on.  You bring several employees and accounting staff in for questioning.  Feel free to add any additional details you want to the fraud scenario.
Design a fraud interview using the techniques from Chapter 10.  Give an example of each type of interview question you might ask.  Submit a copy of the assignment—you do not need a title page or references.    Grading: 5 pts.
FRAUD INTERVIEWTeam member names: 

1.  Introductory question
2.  Informational question
3.  Open question
4.  Closed question
5.  Leading question
6.  Hostile question
7.  Sympathetic understanding question
8.  Altruistic question
9.  Attitude question
10.  Admission seeking question
11.  Double negative question
12.  Complex question
13. Closing or concluding question

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