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ACC 560 Week 8 Quiz 6

ACC 560 Week 8 Quiz 6

Author: l marshall

If actual direct materials costs are greater than standard direct materials costs, it means that
The standard direct materials quantity does not include allowances for
Marburg Co. expects direct materials cost of $6 per unit for 100,000 units (a total of $600,000 of direct materials costs). Marburg’s standard direct materials cost and budgeted direct materials cost isStandard Budgeted
If the labor quantity variance is unfavorable and the cause is inefficient use of direct labor, the responsibility rests with the
A managerial accountant1. does not participate in the standard setting process.2. provides knowledge of cost behaviors in the standard setting process.3. provides input of historical costs to the standard setting process.
Using standard costs
An unfavorable materials quantity variance would occur if
Hofburg’s standard quantities for 1 unit of product include 2 pounds of materials and 1.5 labor hours. The standard rates are $2 per pound and $7 per hour. The standard overhead rate is $8 per direct labor hour. The total standard cost of Hofburg’s product is
Scorpion Production Company planned to use 1 yard of plastic per unit budgeted at $81 a yard. However, the plastic actually cost $80 per yard. The company actually made 3,900 units, although it had planned to make only 3,300 units. Total yards used for production were 3,960. How much is the total materials variance?
Unfavorable materials price and quantity variances are generally the responsibility of thePrice Quantity

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