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Acceptable Use and the Classroom

Acceptable Use and the Classroom


This lesson will provide students with an introduction to Acceptable Use Policies

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Notes on "Acceptable Use and the Classroom"

(00:00-00:21) Intro

(00:22-00:32) Objectives

(00:33-02:02) Acceptable Use Policy Definition

(02:03-03:45) Sample AUP

(03:46-03:59) Review

(04:00-04:45) Reflection

Additional Resources

Why Do Schools Need Acceptable Use Policies?

This article from iSafe explains the rationale behind an acceptable use policy. Review the second page for a list of design elements for an Acceptable Use Policy that you can use to develop your own policy.

Victoria Australia State Department of Education 

This resource provides the necessary components of acceptable use policies. Even though this site is from Australia, the templates are relevant to the development of acceptable use policies by grade level.

COSN Handbook 

A fantastic resource from COSN that explains the difference between acceptable use and responsible use: Rethinking acceptable use policies to enable digital learning. This handbook demonstrates why so many districts are moving away from acceptable use policies toward responsible use policies. A responsible use policy opens up more filters, treats technology use as a privilege and places responsibility on teachers and students. This is critical in a BYOD environment where you are unable to fully control student devices or in a system that allows personal mobile devices.