Accepting Mistakes

Accepting Mistakes

Author: Adriana Araisa

ASCA Standards A:A1.4
By the end of the lesson students will be able to understand the Acceptance of Mistakes as Essential to the Learning Process. 


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Once students get introduced to the topic they will answer some questions regarding making mistakes. Students will partner up and discuss a mistake they have made and share with a partner. They will share, 1.)What they learned from the mistake?, 2.)Why they made the mistake, and 3.)Will they do the same mistake again?

Once students are done sharing with a partner volunteers will have an opportunity to share with the class.

Accepting Mistakes

What are Mistakes?

An action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.

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Why is not making mistakes the biggest mistake?

-Mistakes help you discover who you truly are.
-Mistakes teach you valuable life lessons.
-Mistakes teach you how to forgive.
-Mistakes help you let go of fear.
-Mistakes teach you how to live without regrets.
-Mistakes help you how to evolve.
-Think of another reason of why making mistakes are an essential part of growing and becoming a better person.

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