Accessing Your Leaner Journey at Home

Accessing Your Leaner Journey at Home

Author: Patti Subrizi

Students will demonstrate they can access their Learner Journey Online Portfolio at home by identifying the Internet browser they use, correctly typing their username and password assigned to them, naming the various parts of their portfolio and determining an area where they need more instruction.

Student have the opportunity to have their own online portfolio where they can email in safety, create webpages that demonstrate their interests and creativity and upload work to show their family what they are learning in school.  It is important that they can access this from outside the school building independently.  This means they should understand the use of an Internet browser, learn to use their school based username and password, and learn the vocabulary of a portfolio such as email, blog, weblink, image and upload.

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Accessing LJ at Home

Students have access to their own online portfolio called Learner Journey. If they have access to the Internet they can use this tools at home. This video shows how to do that with an introduction and screen cast.